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BIGBANG IS COMING BACK, No Date yet for new YG Girl Group; Old News TBH~

YG Entertainment, home to some of K-Pop’s most iconic idols, has announced that none other than Big Bang will be making their return this February. Although the news has stirred up an overwhelming haze of anticipation among fans and the like, the news has also posed a question as to the plans for YG’s elusive girl group project, announced last July.

YG has announced more than once that the group was set for a debut in the New Year. However, with the announcement of Big Bang’s comeback, it seems like the wait for the group’s debut will be extended as the iconic male group is set for a series of heavy promotions on their new album.

It is speculated now that the unknown project is set to debut this March.

With only one member, Superstar K contestant Kim Eunbi, unveiled, this girl group is said to be the turning point for YG Entertainment, as they will incorporate not only new marketing techniques, but also new music styles, fashion trends and an image that the company has never done before.

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Source: OSEN

Translated by: AKP

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» BIGBANG for Life: [NEWS] Big Bang to Have Big Comeback in February


In accordance with YG Entertainment’s representative, BIGBANG will comeback in February, and YG had been preparing the new girl group’s timing to scramble when interest will leans on it.


In February, YG is expected to focus on its top group, BIGBANG’s comeback, the new girl group’s…

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» BIGBANG for Life: [MISC] Who's Debuting and Making Comeback Under the "Big 3" This Year?


2012 is shaping up to be quite the formidable year, as several comebacks and debuts are already being lined up. Labels spent much of last year taking the K-Pop wave to new heights, so what do the ‘Big 3′ have in store for 2012?

YG Entertainment, meanwhile, has two new groups scheduled…

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» Confirmed Comebacks/Debuts in early/mid 2012:


  • 4minute
  • Dal★Shabet
  • Nine Muses
  • SHINee
  • T-ARA
  • Teen Top
  • Big Bang
  • Ivy
  • Shinhwa
  • B.A.P.
  • Exo
  • John Park
  • Beast 
  • Male group from CUBE
  • Noh Jihoon
  • Female Group from YG
  • Block B
  • Pledis Boys
  • Double A
  • Co.Ed boys
  • Dalmatian
  • Lexy
  • F.I.X
  • 2NE1

I just gathered up some info, If there is anymore, feel free to add more.

:D Happy New Year! and happy debut year (lol) for YG’s newest female group!

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Sandara & Kim Eunbi
>< kekeke 귀엽다 !

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Merry Christmas anon but I already have snsd unnirs :I, yg snsd will be my unnirs from yg

Merry Christmas to you too~ You can stan them both :D


Kim Eunbi,YG Trainee,who will DEBUT in the first half of next year

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Merry Christmas (for those who celebrate)! Get ready for your future unnirs to debut next year!



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Meet YG’s trainees!

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